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I hate to feel love and hate together, I can´t describe what this feeling is for, it´s one of the biggest different opposites, but sometimes, it belong together, it changes, and you feel shit. You couldn´t understand the sence and you look back, to find an answer, do you hold out all this things alone? Or had you got a protection, some kind of an guardian angel? Who looked after you and kept yor for reasons? Sandy

I´m still thinking of you! You´re in my dreams, you´re a part of my soul! I miss you! You´re a very important person, you are the one to carry my soul! I need you as an guardian angel! You are the one who has stolen my sickness! You´re the missing part of my heart! I wish, you were mine! You should say, what you feel! You ought to decide! ´Cause I need an answer... Engel


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